Health Information Technology (HIT)

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If you would like to work in the healthcare field but do not want direct patient contact, health information technology could be the right career option for you. It combines information technology, business, and clinical knowledge. Health information technology professionals are experts in maintaining, analyzing, and protecting health information vital to the delivery of quality health care. They are skilled in coding for reimbursement and research.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Employment of health information technicians is projected to grow 22 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations."

Rose State College graduates typically start out earning $30,000-$34,000 annually. This varies depending on job title and previous healthcare experience.

Career Information

Health information technicians enjoy diverse career opportunities. Based on skills and interests, some possible job titles include:

  • Clinical Coding Specialist
  • Health Data Analyst
  • Information Access/Disclosure Specialist
  • Department Director, Manager, or Supervisor
  • Clinical Documentation Specialist
  • HIM IT Applications Specialist
  • Quality Improvement Specialist
  • Cancer or other Disease Registrar
  • Compliance Manager
  • Privacy Officer
  • Consultant/Auditor
  • Revenue Integrity/Reimbursement Specialist

Some careers in health information allow the health information professional to work from home.

Health information technicians are employed in a wide variety of job settings including but not limited to:  Healthcare providers (e.g., hospital, ambulatory surgery center, home health agency, physician practice, etc.), insurance companies, governmental and regulatory entities, and software and other healthcare related vendors.

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