Health Information Technology (HIT)


Program Curriculum

First Year

Fall Semester

Course Number         

Course Name

HSHI 1104

Introduction to Health Information*+

ENGL 1113

English Composition I

HSBC 1113

Medical Terminology+

PSYC 1113

Introduction to Psychology

CIT 1093

Microcomputer Applications+

Spring Semester

Course Number

Course Name

POLS 1113

American Federal Government

HSHI 1213

Health Information Statistics and Data Display*+

HSHI 1222

Professional Practice Experience I*+

HSHI 2102

Health Information in Alternative Care Settings*+

ENGL 1213

English Composition II

HSBC 1104

Anatomy and Physiology+

Second Year

Fall Semester 

Course Number

Course Name

HSHI 1112

Legal Aspects-Health Information+

HSHI 2203

Coding I*+

HSHI 2213

Health Information Management*+

HSHI 2222

Professional Practice Experience II*+

HSBC 2103

Human Pathology*+

HIST 1483

U.S. History to 1877 OR

HIST 1493

U.S. History since 1877

Spring Semester 

Course Number

Course Name

HSHI 2424

Coding II*+

HSHI 2631

Pharmacology for Health Information+

HSHI 2332

Health Information Seminar*+

HSHI 2232

Quality Improvement*+

HSHI 2322

Professional Practice Experience III*+

HSHI 2533

Advanced Coding*+

HSHI 2212

Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies+

* Course requires prerequisite.  See Rose State College Catalog course description for details.
+ Must be completed with a minimum grade of "C".