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Musical Theatre (Fine Arts)

Program Overview

The goal of the Musical Theatre emphasis of the Fine Arts Associate in Arts program is to prepare students to transfer to a four-year college or university to pursue a baccalaureate degree in musical theatre. The program allows students to perform a variety of musical theatre styles, participate in various stage productions, and demonstrate knowledge of basic stage dancing techniques.

Program Objectives

  • Self-confidence, creative communication skills and organizational skills necessary to enter the job market.
  • The ability to perform a variety of musical theatre styles.
  • Participation in varied and diverse musical stage productions.
  • A basic knowledge of stage dancing techniques.
  • A basic general foundation of English, history, government, science, math and liberal arts appropriate for students transferring to a four-year institution.

Career Fields

A musical theatre degree at Rose State College will prepare you for baccalaureate training in music education and musical and theatre performance, as well as a career in the following areas:

  • Music director
  • Music performer
  • Teacher
  • Theatre performer

Transfer Agreements

Rose State College and other Oklahoma colleges and universities have memorandums of understanding which identify course equivalencies between both institutions. These agreements aid transfer students.  Transfer Agreements webpage


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