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Academic Outreach primarily serves high school students at area high schools and incarcerated students at state correctional centers. Academic Outreach provides pre-enrollment advising, assists with admissions and enrollment, coordinates course scheduling between constituent sites and the College, tracks academic progress of students, facilitates communication between all academic stakeholders, and coordinates technical support when necessary. In brief, Academic Outreach is fully involved with student academic performance before, during, and after course delivery.

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Concurrent Enrollment

Rose State College provides opportunities for students to get a head start on college by earning college credit while they are still in high school.  High school juniors and seniors who meet policy requirements can participate in concurrent enrollment.  
Please visit the Concurrent Enrollment page for more information.

Academic Outreach/Concurrent Enrollment
Office Hours:  7:30AM-5PM (additional time by appointment)

Phone: 405.733.7951


Main Office: LRC 204

Visitor Parking: Building visitors may park in Student or Accessible parking spots on the south side of the building.