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Foundation Board


Besides the many community leaders who serve as Trustees and Board of Governor members, the Foundation also invites the presiding presidents serving over the following internal Rose State College organizations: 

  • RSC Faculty and Senate
  • RSC Professional and Administraive Staff Association (PASA)
  • RSC Classified Staff Association (CSA)

Board of Governor Commitment:
In conformance with the purpose of the Rose State College Foundation, individuals are elected to serve voluntarily as members of the Foundation Board of Governors. Each selection anticipates that a Governor’s personal commitment and influence with others will serve to ensure the growth and success of the Foundation and thereby augment the quality and reputation of Rose State College.

Any person whose name is brought before the Rose State College Foundation Board for possible appointment shall be deemed qualified if the nominee holds the following qualifications:

  1. a strong belief in the viability and value of publicly supported higher education as a major force in meeting critical needs of society;
  2. a corollary belief that Rose State College is an integral component of public higher education and a significant asset to the state, the region, and the country as a whole;
  3. a general concurrence with the mission, goals, and objectives of the College as developed and articulated by the president and approved by the Rose State College Board of Regents;
  4. a firm conviction that publicly supported institutions of higher education are appropriate objects of personal philanthropy and other forms of private support; and
  5. a willingness to improve the quality of the College through (a) voluntary participation at a level commensurate with membership on an active foundation board, (b) personal financial support of the College through the Foundation at a level commensurate with capacity and interest, and (c) a commitment to work with Foundation staff in securing financial support from others.

Board of Governors serve on Foundation committees, participate in Foundation activities, and are invited to attend quarterly Board meetings.

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