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Nursing Science - Career Ladder Track



The Career Ladder Program is a 2-semester RN program open to current LPNs and Paramedics.  Please see the advisement on the Advisement Tab for the prerequisites and testing requirements. 


The Nursing Science Associate in Applied Science Degree is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing and is accredited by the:Applications are accepted twice a year: *LPNs and Paramedics should review Career Ladder Track information.*

**Upon completion of the curriculum, the graduate will be eligible to apply for licensure by examination (NCLEX-RN) in Oklahoma, any other state in the US, and other jurisdictions specified by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (www.ncsbn.org).  Applicants with certain felony convictions may not be eligible to test for licensure.  An initial determination of eligibility for licensure petition from the Oklahoma Board of Nursing can be accessed for a fee at http://nursing.ok.gov/initialdeterm.pdf.
OBN Requirements for Licensure Guideline

Requirements for Licensure as a Registered Nurse

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106 405-962-1800

I. In an effort to provide accurate and appropriate information in the bulletins and catalogues of nursing education programs, the Oklahoma Board of Nursing recommends a statement for inclusion in the bulletin/catalogue of each nursing education program. All other references to the role/responsibility of the Oklahoma Board of Nursing should be deleted.

II. The following statement is the appropriate designation of the role/responsibility of the Oklahoma Board or Nursing in the nursing education program bulletin/catalogue:

  • A. The Rose State College Nursing Science program is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. Graduates of this state-approved program are eligible to apply to write the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for registered nurses. Applicants for Oklahoma licensure must meet all state and federal requirements to hold an Oklahoma license to practice nursing. In addition to completing a state-approved nursing education program that meets educational requirements and successfully passing the licensure examination, requirements include submission of an application for licensure, a criminal history records search, and evidence of citizenship or qualified alien status [59 O.S. §§567.5 & 567.6]. To be granted a license, an applicant must have the legal right to be in the United States (United States Code Chapter 8, Section 1621). In addition, Oklahoma law only allows a license to be issued to U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, and legal permanent resident aliens. Other qualified aliens may be issued a temporary license that is valid until the expiration of their visa status, or if there is no expiration date, for one year. Applicants who are qualified aliens must present to the Board office, in person, valid documentary evidence of:

    1. A valid, unexpired immigrant or nonimmigrant visa status for admission into the United States;
    2. A pending or approved application for asylum in the United States;
    3. Admission into the United States in refugee status;
    4. A pending or approved application for temporary protected status in the United States;
    5. Approved deferred action status; or
    6. A pending application for adjustment of status to legal permanent resident status or conditional resident status.

    The Board has the authority to deny a license, recognition or certificate; issue a license, recognition or certificate with conditions and/or an administrative penalty; or to issue and otherwise discipline a license, recognition or certificate to an individual with a history of criminal background, disciplinary action on any professional or occupational license or certification, or judicial declaration of mental incompetence [59 O.S. §567.8]. These cases are considered on an individual basis at the time application for licensure is made, with the exception of felony convictions. Potential applicants to state-approved education programs, with a criminal history, may obtain an initial determination of eligibility for licensure or certification from the Oklahoma Board of Nursing for a fee. The initial determination of eligibility for licensure petition can be accessed at http://nursing.ok.gov/initialdeterm.pdf.

III. The Board requests that this statement be included in your bulletin/catalogue.

IV. Regulatory Authority 59 0.S. §567.12

Board Approved: 7/92 OBN Policy/Guideline: #E-05
Board Reviewed w/o Revision: 1/29/13
Revised: 9/01; 5/04; 1/25/05; 11/13/07; 5/25/10; 11/4/13; 5/24/16; 11/12/19
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