Nursing Science - Career Ladder Track


Do I get to pick where and when I go to clinical?

Nursing Students attend clinical rotations in clinical groups, usually consisting of 8 to 10 people. The Nursing Science Program utilizes a variety of clinical sites within the Oklahoma City metropolitan area appropriate for achievement of the clinical course objectives for the semester. Please note that clinical rotations are determined by the clinical facilities and subject to their availability and needs. Your preference of site and day/time will not be an option offered for each semester.

Due to COVID-19 and other safety regulations, and space availabilities Students will be assigned randomly to clinical groups.  You will need to adapt your life schedule around the nursing theory classes, nursing labs/simulations, clinical rotations. There are too many students in the program, to adapt to each student’s life schedule.

Can I complete the program without doing clinical?

No, clinical rotations are a required part of the program. You must complete and pass the theory and clinical component of each course to be eligible for progression each semester and graduation from the program. Clinical typically require that the student be at the clinical site one (1) day out of each week during semesters one, two, and three. Clinical schedules in fourth semester will be two (2) back to back consecutive days.