Nursing Science - Career Ladder Track


2019-2020 Estimated Costs
In-state Tuition and Fees: $151.00 per credit hour

Estimated Cost—Pre-program


Application to the College


*Tuition and fees (38 credit hours – additional lab fees may apply)




Challenge Exam (If needed – see advisement information) 


Costs upon program acceptance – paid directly by student to outside vendors:

Immunizations, certifications, and lab testings

Expanded background check

Drug screening

MyClinical Exchange











Estimated Cost—Program


*Tuition and fees (18 credit hours – additional lab fees may apply)


Assessment Fee ($90.00 per semester)




Lab Jacket, Shoes, Uniform & patch



Liability Insurance


Parking fees ($5.00 per semester)


Student ID Card ($5.00 per semester)


Other Associated Costs – Paid directly by student:


RN Readiness Course (may be required)


NCLEX-RN Licensure


Fingerprint Background Check (@ graduation)


*Graduation Fee


Pinning Ceremony









*NOTE: The Graduation Fee includes a transcript processing cost and must be paid prior to graduation for your transcripts to be sent to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing. This fee must be paid regardless of whether or not you attend the graduation ceremony.