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Admissions & Records

Academic Forgiveness

Currently enrolled students may be granted academic forgiveness by repeating individual courses or reprieving complete semesters. Although all courses and grades will be reflected in a student's cumulative GPA, those courses that are forgiven will not be used in calculating the student's retention and graduation GPAs.

Academic forgiveness must be requested prior to the end of a student’s graduating term and filed in the Office of Admissions and Records. All requests require the College Registrar’s approval.

Repeated Courses

Students can retake courses and have only the second grade earned count in the retention/graduation GPA calculation up to a maximum of four courses (not to exceed 18 hours) in which the original grade earned was a "D" or "F." Students may visit the Office of Admissions and Records to receive more information about the procedure.

Academic Reprieve

  1. A student may request an academic reprieve of up to two consecutive semesters if he/she can demonstrate extraordinary circumstances that contributed to or caused the student to do poorly. Guidelines for reprieves include, but are not limited to:
    At least three years must elapse between the time grades were earned and the reprieve request.
  2. Prior to requesting the reprieve, the student must have earned a GPA of 2.00 or higher with no grade lower than a "C" in all regularly graded course work (minimum of 12 hours) excluding activity or performance courses.
  3. A student must petition for a reprieve according to institution policy.
  4. A student cannot receive more than one reprieve in his/her academic career.
  5. A student cannot combine an academic reprieve with an academic renewal request. Students may visit the Office of Admissions and Records to receive more information about the procedure

Academic Renewal

A currently enrolled student who has been out of higher education for a number of years may request that all course work over five (5) years old not be counted in the retention/graduation GPA. Requirements for academic renewal include:

  1. A student may receive only one academic renewal in his/her academic career.
  2. Prior to requesting the renewal, the student must have earned a 2.00 or higher with no grade lower than a “C” in all regularly graded course work (minimum of 12 hours) excluding activities or performance courses.
  3. All courses will remain on the student’s transcript.
  4. Renewal courses cannot be used for hours or content toward graduation or degree requirements.
  5. A student may not combine an academic reprieve and an academic renewal request.
  6. A student must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student.

Students may visit the Office of Admissions and Records to receive more information about the procedure.

Academic Suspension Appeals

Rose State College students who have been placed on academic suspension for the first time may petition the Admissions Committee for reinstatement based on documented extraordinary personal circumstances that contributed to their academic requirements. There is not an appeal process for students suspended for the second time.

Reinstatement of Suspended Students

A student who is academically suspended by Rose State College the first time may be considered for reinstatement after one 16-week semester (fall or spring). The College Registrar will interview each student making a request for reinstatement and inform him/her of the academic progress that is expected. Students reinstated after one sixteen-week semester of suspension must satisfactorily complete, during the first semester of reinstatement, EDUC 1103, Educational Planning, and must progress academically as specified in the State Regents' policy for probationary students.

A student suspended from Rose State College for the second time may receive consideration for reinstatement after one year (two full semesters, fall and spring) and only after he/she has demonstrated, by attending another institution, the ability to succeed academically by raising his/her cumulative GPA to the retention standards.

A student suspended for the first time in a spring semester will be allowed to enroll in the immediately following summer term. Enrollment will be limited to core academic courses that meet the general education or degree requirements. To continue in the fall semester, the student must achieve a 2.0 semester GPA or raise their retention GPA to the required level. The student's transcript will note suspension at the end of the spring semester.

Reinstatement of Suspended Students at State System Institutions

Students suspended from all other Oklahoma State System institutions may be eligible for admission to Rose State College. Each student seeking admission to Rose State College under this category will be interviewed by the College Registrar and advised of the requirements for admission. These requirements include satisfactory completion, during the first semester of reinstatement, of EDUC 1103, College & Life Strategies, and the planning of a class schedule with an Academic Advisor.

Each student will be informed of the availability of tutoring, study skills instruction, and counseling. Students admitted in this category will be placed on academic probation and must meet the State Regents' Retention Standards.