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Admissions & Records

Academic Status

At the end of each semester, students are placed into an academic level based upon their performance. Rose State College has four Academic Status levels.

Good Academic Standing

Signifies any student who meets the retention requirements as set forth in this policy is in good academic standing.

Academic Notice

Signifies that the student is not making normal academic progress. It is a condition that could lead to serious academic problems if academic performance does not improve. The student is urged to seek advice and guidance from a Student Development Counselor.

Academic Probation

Signifies that the student has failed to maintain the necessary grade average on all work completed and must seek permission to enroll from the Registrar.

Academic Suspension 

Signifies that the student has failed to achieve the required grade average while on Academic Probation and will not be permitted to enroll at Rose State College for a minimum period of a 16-week fall or spring semester.