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Admissions & Records


Student Health Requirement 

Rose State College does not require the presentation of a physical examination signed by a physician. However, students must submit documentation showing proof of immunization for Hepatitis B or sign an exemption form prior to admission to the College. A department may require documented evidence of a student’s medical history as a part of its program admission criteria. (See the RSC Student Handbook for more details.)

Immunization Requirements 

Rose State College is committed to protecting the health of its students. Therefore, nonexempt students who will be attending class on-campus must submit documentation showing proof of immunization against Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), or sign an exemption form prior to admission to the College. Contact the Office of Admissions and Records for additional information. 

A listing of approved exemptions follows:

  1. Students who graduated from an Oklahoma high school since 1996
  2. Students transferring from another college located in the State of Oklahoma
  3. Students only enrolling in off campus or distance education courses
  4. Active Military students
  5. Students enrolling only in Training Center classes
  6. Students who graduated from a US high school that required these vaccinations
  7. Provisionally admitted students who are taking no more than 9 credit hours at this institution until they have submitted the vaccination information and been admitted as a regular student 

Certain departments may require further documented evidence of a student’s medical history as part of its program admission criteria.