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Can I fax or email my application to apply for a position?

Sorry, no - applications must be submitted online through

Can you fax or email me an Application for Employment?

Sorry, no - applications are available online through

Where do I find information about part-time jobs?

The Office of Human Resources does not maintain a listing of individual part-time positions. Please submit an application through using the Part Time Employment listing.  You will be prompted during the application process to identify the position(s) or area(s) that interest(s) you.  Your completed application materials will then be provided to the areas indicated. If the areas specified have positions available that would utilize the skills and experience described in your application materials, the department may initiate contact with you regarding any available positions. If you have additional questions regarding the part-time application process, contact the Office of Human Resources at (405) 733-7979.

How can I find out the status of a position?

Contact the Office of Human Resources at (405) 733-7979 with questions regarding the status of positions for which you have applied.

Will I be notified regarding the selection for the position for which I applied?

If you are selected for employment with Rose State College, you will be notified by the hiring Department or Division. Notification letters will be sent by the Office of Human Resources to all applicants who were not selected for professional and faculty positions upon the acceptance of the selected candidate. For all other positions, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (405) 733-7979 with questions regarding the status of a position.

How do I find out if I have been selected for an interview?

Selected candidates will be notified by the hiring department or division to schedule an interview date and time.

Is a resume acceptable as application for a position?

Resumes are accepted in addition to completing the required Application for Employment.

How long does my application remain on file?

Application materials will remain active for a period of one year from the date received by the Office of Human Resources. The active date of your application can be extended by informing the Office of Human Resources of your desire to apply for additional positions via email or by completing the Application Update Form (See How to Apply page for more information).

Do you require an official transcript be submitted with the Application for Employment?

No. During the application process, unofficial degree conferring transcripts can be uploaded to  If you are selected for employment with Rose State College, official transcripts will then be required and requested by the Office of Human Resources.

Can I speak with someone if I am having trouble with the online application site? 

Yes.  Please visit us in the Administration Building in Room 104 or call (405) 733-7979 Mon-Fri, 8 AM - 5 PM.  You may also e-mail us anytime at

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