man sitting in front of a microscope

Medical Laboratory Technology


Clinicals are a required part of the program, allowing students the “hands-on” experience needed to complete their educational experience. 

Clinical Lab Science rotations total 800 hours

Phlebotomy: 80 hours

Hematology (including Urinalysis and Coagulation): 160 hours

Chemistry: 160 hours

Microbiology: 200 hours

Immunohematology (Blood Banking): 200 hours

Clinical Courses:

  • HSML 2412 Clinical Lab Science A, is held during the fall semester and requires 15 hours a week (M, W, F, 5-hour mornings).
  • HSML 2518 Clinical Lab Science B, is held during the spring semester and requires 24 hours a week (M, W, F, 8-hour days).
  • HSML 2606 Clinical Lab Science III, is held during the summer semester. It is the last clinical rotation of the program.  It requires eight to ten weeks of 40 hours per week in the hospital and a Capstone Journal Report.

Clinical hours may begin as early as 3:30 am. Clinical rotation assignments are determined by the Program Director.