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Medical Laboratory Technology

Program Admission and Application

Application Checklist (PDF)

Students are strongly encouraged to speak with a Health Sciences Advisor every semester to help stay on track and be prepared to apply.  

Admission to the Medical Laboratory Technology professional courses is by a special application procedure. The only entry to the professional courses is the fall of each year. 

The application period is February 1 through June 30.  A link to the application will be found on this page only during the application period

Completed applications and all requested documents must be returned to the Health Sciences Division Office by June 30th at 5:00pm.  Late applications will not be accepted. 

The following application procedure should serve as a guide when applying to the program.
  • Apply to Rose State College (if not currently enrolled).
        • Applicants must be admitted to the college through the Admissions office before application to the Medical Laboratory Technology Program can be made.
        • Official college transcripts(s) of coursework not completed at Rose State College must be submitted to the Admissions office.
        • Submit a request for a degree audit for the Medical Laboratory Technology Program. (Only required if student has out-of-state credits) Information regarding the degree audit and how to submit can be accessed online.
  • Submit the Medical Laboratory Technology application to include:
      • College Transcript copies from all institutions, including Rose State College. You may request a “true copy” when you submit these to the Admissions office.
      • Next-Generation Accuplacer test results: Pre-Algebra (Math 1). All applicants must take the Accuplacer exam within three (3) years prior to application. Obtain official copies of your scores from the Admissions office. Information about Accuplacer testing can be found at:
  • Schedule an Information Session with the MLT Program Director: The purpose of the information session is to discuss the MLT program and devise a schedule of classes. Variation from the schedule of classes could result in a delay of progression in the program. 
ACCEPTANCE: Applicants are notified of acceptance into the program by July 15.

Criteria for Program Selection

All applicants are reviewed by the criteria listed below. There are 110 total points possible. A minimum of 70 points is required to apply. The highest numerically ranked applicants are selected. The minimum number of points needed for acceptance will vary each year based on competitiveness of the applicant pool.

I.          Points are awarded for the final grade in each course below.

**All classes must be completed in order to apply**

     A= 2 points, B= 1.5 points, and a C= 1 point.


          ENGL   1113    English Comp I                

          ENGL   1213    English Comp II

          HIST     1483    US History to 1877 (or)

          (HIST    1493)   US History since 1877

          POLS    1113    American Federal Government

          PSYC    1113    Introduction to Psychology


(Total possible: 10)










II.       Points are awarded for the final grade in each course below.

**All classed must be completed in order to apply**

    A= 20 points, B= 15 points, and a C= 10 point.


          CHEM   1114    Introduction to Chemistry

          CHEM  1124     Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry

          HSBC   1104     Anatomy and Physiology  (or)

         (BIOL   2424)     Human Physiology

          HSBC 1224       Introduction to Clinical Microbiology (or)

          (BIOL  2035)     Principles of Microbiology


(Total possible: 80)













                                  Pre-Algebra Assessment (Math 1)                          200 - 249

120                                                                                                            250 - 265

                                                                                                                  266 - 284

                                                                                                                  285 - 300



(Total possible: 10)


Not Eligible






Must complete course with an “A” to receive bonus points


HSBC 1113    Medical Terminology 

HSBC 2103    Human Pathology



(Total possible: 10)