man sitting in front of a microscope

Medical Laboratory Technology

Mission Statement and Program Goals

Mission Statement

The Medical Laboratory Technology/MLT Program is a community college based program providing education and training for career entry competencies in all general clinical laboratory areas and preparation for the successful completion of national board exams.

Program Goals & Competencies

  1. To safely collect, process, perform and report routine clinical laboratory tests on biological specimens and other substances, with precision and accuracy under minimal supervision within a reasonable length of time.
  2. To understand and apply the aspects of quality improvement related to the laboratory; performing and monitoring standard quality control methods and learning trouble shooting and problem solving in order to take corrective action as necessary.
  3. To recognize abnormal values and apply appropriate procedures.
  4. To correlate didactic instruction with laboratory results in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
  5. To perform routine maintenance, standardization and calibration procedures.
  6. To use safety precautions whenever handling biohazard substances.
  7. To instill the concept of total patient care and the role of the laboratory in this concept.
  8. To communicate well with all levels of personnel.
  9. To demonstrate professional conduct, adhere to patient safety guidelines and to utilize appropriate communication skills.
  10. To practice within the profession’s ethical and legal framework by assuming responsibility and accountability for one’s own laboratory practice and continued professional and self-development.