man sitting in front of a microscope

Medical Laboratory Technology

Requirements Upon Acceptance

Students are not to provide this information in their application packet.  Program acceptance letters will provide detailed information about these processes, as well as any additional requirements.   

DRUG SCREEN: Students who are initially selected as a candidate into a Health Science Division Program will be required to pass a NIDA 11 panel test for drugs, including amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, PCP and opiates, before final acceptance into the program will be granted.  Further information will be provided when the student is accepted for admission to the Program. The student is responsible for the cost of this test.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK: An extensive background check, including criminal history, Social Security check, and employment history, is required by all clinical affiliates.  Further information will be provided when the student is accepted for admission to the Program.  The student is responsible for the cost of this check.  Any positive findings may be subject to review by the clinical affiliates and could prevent the student from completing clinical requirements.

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: Applicants who are accepted must provide copies of the following information prior to enrolling in MLT courses. Original documents will not be returned or copied.

  • Mumps, Rubella and Rubeola: laboratory testing showing immunity or proof of two MMR immunizations received after the age of one year. Note that this vaccine may affect TB skin test results.
  • Varicella (chickenpox): titer indicating immunity or proof of two varicella immunizations. If you choose to have the vaccine, the vaccinations must be given at least one month apart.
  • Hepatitis B: three vaccinations or laboratory testing showing immunity or physician’s statement regarding contraindications precluding vaccination.
  • TB skin test (read in mm): two separate negative skin tests must be completed at least one week apart, but no more than one year apart.  If a past skin test has been positive, at least one negative chest film since conversion is required.
  • Influenza: vaccination will be required on or after admission.

MEDICAL INSURANCE: copy of card or signed waiver assuming financial responsibility for the cost of any emergency care necessary while performing duties as a student in the clinical site.

LIABILITY INSURANCE: This is purchased at Rose State College at an estimated expense of $15.00 for the calendar year. Payment must be made to the Business Office after enrollment and prior to beginning class.

CURRENT CPR CERTIFICATION: Current Basic Life Support Certification from the American Heart Association. A student will not be allowed to enroll unless CPR certification is current through the semester in which he/she is intending to enroll.