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Criminal Justice (COP Option)

The Collegiate Officer Program

The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) provides an alternative route to peace officer certification by granting authority to degree-granting institutions of higher education to conduct courses of study which are designed to include and cover all CLEET-mandated Basic Law Enforcement Academy course objectives.

Rose State College has been granted permission to offer the Collegiate Officer Program (COP) as a prescribed program of instruction by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training to prepare the college student to stand for the CLEET Certification Exam and become certified as a basic law enforcement officer in the State of Oklahoma.

Several basic courses are offered through daytime and evening instruction. Through a cooperative agreement with OSU-OKC, the student participates in various skill classes such as Firearms training, Defensive Tactics, Emergency Vehicle Operation, Traffic, Patrol Procedures, and Survey of Police Sciences. All of the course work completed at OSU-OKC will transfer to Rose State College for credit purposes. Any course work completed at OSU-OKC does not qualify for payment through the Ticket-to-Rose program or any other Rose State College scholarships.

Upon the successful completion of sixty-four (64) hours of program instruction and the awarding of an Associate in Arts Degree in Police Science, the student is eligible for standing for the CLEET Certification Exam. With a minimum passing score of 80 the student is considered to be a provisional certified Peace Officer in the State of Oklahoma with two years to successfully obtain commissioned employment as a peace officer from the date of successfully passing the certification exam.

For those students who have already obtained their CLEET Certification and are employed as Certified Peace Officers, Rose State College offers extra-institutional credit toward an Associate in Arts Degree in Police Science. All of the course work for the Criminal Justice Police Science option (CJ Core Course Requirements) will be credited to those who have successfully completed the requirements of becoming a Certified Peace Officer in the State of Oklahoma.

To receive this extra-institutional credit toward the Criminal Justice-Police Science (COP Option) Associate in Arts degree, please email a copy of your Peace Officer Card and CLEET transcripts to the Social Sciences Division Academic Advisor, Julia Kelly (, for evaluation.  Please call Julia Kelly at (405) 733-7409 if you have any questions regarding this process.

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James Johnson
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