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Social Sciences

History, Native American Studies

The goal of the  Associate in Arts in Social Sciences degree program, Native American Studies option, is to provide students the foundation necessary to transfer to a related baccalaureate degree program at a four-year college or university.

Rose State is ideally situated to serve the educational needs of Native American students in Central Oklahoma. The Native American Studies Program at Rose State is designed to develop student skills in oral and written communication and analytical thinking that will prepare students to further their education at a four-year institution or to work in tribal settings. The program is also constructed to introduce non-native students to the role of Indian people in history, the diversity of tribal cultures, the unique political status of American Indians, and the influence of tribes in contemporary Oklahoma affairs.

The NAS Program

Native American Studies is an option of academic emphasis in the Social Sciences Department. Students take courses in areas of Native American history, philosophy, literature, sovereignty, and contemporary issues. The NAS option requires a minimum of 12 hours in Native American Studies courses in addition to other requirements for the Associate Degree. Most Rose State Native American Studies courses are transferable to other Oklahoma institutions of higher education. Native American Studies program requirements (PDF) 

NOTE: Special Topics allows students to study a myriad of topics suited to their individual needs and interests, such as Contemporary Native American Issues, Indian Health and Education, Native American Film, Gaming, and Federal Indian Law, to name a few.

Rose State strongly supports Native American students with the American Indian Association (AIA), a very active and successful Indian student organization. AIA also plans and conducts the annual Rose State Powwow and supports Native American Week with activities in the spring.

American Indian Association (AIA)


S. Matt DeSpain
S. Matt DeSpain
Professor of History/Director, Native American Studies Program Social Sciences Department
(405) 733-7527