Developmental Education Success

Enrollment Suggestions for Students Taking Developmental Courses

Writing and Reading Courses

Highly Recommended Courses

  • Other skill-building courses in Math, Reading, or English
  • CLICK Learning Community: HULC 1091
  • College Orientation: EDUC 1101
  • Educational Planning: EDUC 1103
  • Introduction to Computers: CIT 1103
  • Microcomputer  Applications: CIT 1093
  • Personal Finance: ECON 2103
  • Health & Wellness: HPER 1202
  • First Aid: HPER 1102

Discouraged Courses

Students should try to avoid taking credit-level courses that involve high-level reading and writing skills such as history, government, sociology, psychology, speech, science, etc.  Thus, for example, students should complete English Composition Review (ENGL 0133) (or test out of it) before enrolling in history and government. 
(READ 1213 students, however, should be fine for credit-level courses.) 

Math Courses

General Recommendations

  • Enroll in the appropriate math course in their first semester – START EARLY!
  • Do not skip a semester between math courses – DON’T STOP!
  • Do not skip a course in the sequence (unless a retest of the ACCUPLACER permits this).
  • If a student has failed a course, it is strongly encouraged that they retake it the following semester.
  • If a student has failed a course multiple times, they should consider dropping back to the previous course to build a stronger foundation.

Non-STEM Track              

STEM Track        

Campus Resources

Students are encouraged to discuss the following resources with their academic advisor:

If an acceptable schedule cannot be created, students are strongly encouraged to discuss the option of part-time rather than full-time enrollment with their academic advisor to aid in their long-term success.

Non-STEM / STEM Tracks (PDF)