Types of Aid



Rose State College has many scholarship options for students. Unless specifically noted, they apply toward general tuition only — scholarships are not cash awards and do not cover special fees or books. Scholarships are awarded on academic achievement, community involvement or extracurricular activities and/or financial need. Gifts and endowments from private individuals, corporations, community organizations and other foundations fund scholarships. Private scholarships are derived from a variety of organizations that provide scholarship opportunities to students.

Federal Work Study

If a student is offered Federal Work Study as part of his/her financial aid package, Rose State will help students find a part-time job on or off campus. The maximum Federal Work Study awards are approximately $5,000 per year, which allow you to work a maximum of 20 hours per week. 

Federal Grants

Pell Grants are awarded solely on demonstrated financial need to every eligible undergraduate student who hasn't already earned a bachelor's degree or professional degree. Pell Grants don't need to be repaid. They can be used for tuition, fees and living expenses. A student can even receive a Pell Grant if he or she is attending college less than half time.

Federal Loans

There are two types of Direct Loans: subsidized, for which the government pays the interest while the student is in college; and unsubsidized, for which the student is responsible for paying all the interest on the loan, during college and after. A student can receive both types of loans at the same time.

With Federal PLUS Loans, a student's parents or stepparents may borrow up to the total cost of a student's education, minus any other aid that the student receives. PLUS loans are not based on a student's family's income or assets and are only for undergraduate study.

Rose State College does not participate in any of the private education loans that require school authorization that are offered by lenders. Students should apply for all federally funded loans before utilizing any private loan options.

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