Things to Love About Rose State Published February 14, 2019 by Daniel Beck

Things to Love About Rose State

Sure, there are hundreds of things to love about Rose State, like the possibility of getting picked up by the Rowdy Rover Driver on your way to class, our knock-your-socks-off annual holiday lighting, and our ability to offer a traditional college experience for everyone, from students fresh out of high school to those in their later years.

We could go on and on about what’s to love about Rose State, but we pared it down to our top 14 to help you ring in Valentine’s Day this year.

1. Small Class Sizes

With a 20:1 student-to-faculty ratio, Rose State students aren’t just a face in the crowd in a cavernous lecture hall. Small class sizes help students get personalized attention from instructors, leading to a better understanding of the curriculum, the ability to get their questions answered, and equal contributions to classroom discussions. What’s not to love there?

2. Affordability

Here’s something that’s easy to love: We're one of the most affordable colleges in Oklahoma, so your dollars stretch further here than almost anywhere. Higher education is clearly a solid investment and, at Rose State, it’s an affordable investment as well. You can save over $10,000 by starting at Rose State before transferring to a four-year school (if you choose) to complete your bachelor’s degree. Check out this bar chart to see how Rose State’s tuition stacks up to other schools like the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University, and Southern Nazarene University.

3. Rose State President, Dr. Jeanie Webb

On many college campuses, students might know who their college president is, but do they really know that person? Do they ever see them? Raiders are pretty familiar with their president, Dr. Jeanie Webb – a Rose State staple. You wouldn’t be surprised to see Dr. Webb around campus, engaging with students, or at the helm of the President’s Leadership Class program that lines students up with campus mentors, spurs community outreach opportunities, and provides culturally enriching experiences. We L-O-V-E the way she cheers on students, faculty, and staff day in and day out.

4. Drone Program

Drone flying in blue sky
Did you know you can become a pilot at Rose State? Well, a pilot of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or as the world commonly refers to them: drones. Sure, it’s a popular hobby for some, but many make careers employing these high-flying cameras. Industries that have traditionally relied on manual labor are adopting drone technology to complete tasks more efficiently and reach areas previously inaccessible to man, paving the way for full-time jobs centered around drones and those who operate them.

5. Aerospace Partnerships

One more thing that makes our heart flutter? Students’ and military personnel’s ability to pursue degrees in the field of aerospace, thanks to partnerships with our next-door-neighbor, Tinker Air Force Base, and the high-performance aircraft company, Moog. What’s more? Students have the opportunity to dive into additive manufacturing (AM), the overarching field to 3D printing, and shift their mentality from simply downloading and printing an object to challenging themselves to design their own unique 3D-printed tools with the help of our Digital Prototyping Lab (see our ode to the Digital Prototyping Lab in No. 7).

6. Athletics

What more could you adore? Well, how about the many opportunities for student athletes to pursue their passion for soccer, baseball, and softball (plus more to come, if you catch our drift)? There’s no reason to put your athleticism on the back burner while you attend college at Rose State.

7. Leading Cyber Security Expertise      

Yep, there’s still more to love. Rose State sets its cyber security students up for success as they enroll in the leading program in the Oklahoma City metro area offering an associate degree in cyber security. This can be done 100 percent online, in-class, or a combination of both. Talk about job security … more than half a million jobs in cyber security are available right now, and more than 1 million jobs will need to be filled by 2022.

8. Aquatics and Wellness Center

The Aquatics Center has a lot going for it, so it’s no wonder students, faculty, and staff show it so much love. It boasts a 25-meter, six-lane, indoor heated swimming pool, plus a whirlpool, sauna, locker rooms, and dressing rooms. It’s available for work and play (think classes like “H20 Strength Training,” “Aquatic Fitness,” and “Lifeguarding,” as well as open lap swims and recreational swimming for underwater enthusiasts). Next stop: the Wellness Center, which features several ways to get in your cardio, strength, or stretching exercises, all while on campus.

9. BIT Prototyping Lab and Digital Prototyping Lab

These two labs give Rose State a double dose of 3D printing, as both labs house 3D printers for the business students and STEM students. At the Business and Information Technology (BIT) Prototyping Lab, the war cry is, “Anything you can think of you can create!” And it’s true. Inside this fully functional digital prototyping and additive manufacturing facility, current Rose State students can get hands-on experience with a variety of 3D printers and laser systems. Now, who wouldn’t love a place where students can turn their ideas into reality? And we couldn’t rave about the BIT Prototyping Lab without also giving a shoutout to the Digital Design Lab. The Digital Design Lab at Rose State College houses multiple 3D printers, including our EOS M270, used for printing metal. You’ll also find a variety of other printers with varying capabilities, including one that works with carbon fiber and one that works with soluble supports. Just ask Peter and I’m sure he’ll give you a demonstration.

10. Scholarships

Rose State awards $30 million annually in financial aid – three-quarters of current full-time Rose State students are receiving some type of financial assistance, and the Rose State College Foundation donors currently support over 400 student scholarships each semester. The numbers don’t lie: Rose State scholarships give students a reason to be lovestruck.

11. The Village at Rose State

It’s important to love where you live. That’s why Rose State’s residence hall marries apartment living with the convenience and perks of living on campus, like campus security and a gated community. In fact, Rose State is the largest urban community college in Oklahoma to offer residential housing, with the Village at Rose State housing up to 180 students. It’s in high demand, too; it’s regularly full to capacity, with a waiting list each Fall.

12. Proximity to Oklahoma City

 Wheeler District Ferris Wheel

At Rose State, we get the best of both worlds. We’re embedded in the heart of Midwest City, a city with plenty of places to entertain students, like the new Warren Theatre, and the cultural event hotspot, the Rose State College Hudiburg Chevrolet Center. But, we’re also a stone’s throw away from the state capital, meaning it’s just a 15-minute drive to America’s best new restaurant, nonesuch; hip art installations, like Factory Obscura, that give big-city art culture a run for its money; up-and-coming districts like the Wheeler District, home to the historic Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel that you can actually ride; and so much more.

13. Kids College and Teen Scene

Which leads us to the next stop on the list of things to love about Rose State … Rose State students with children, as well as Midwest City and Oklahoma City community members, are huge fans of Rose State’s Kids College and Teen Scene summer programs offered through the CLC. These safe and educational summer camp options help kindergarten through 10th-grade students learn year-round, encouraging them to master everything from computer programming and video game design to no-bake cooking and Pokémon-centric math.

14. Small Business Development Center

Did you know Rose State is the only community college in the area with a Small Business Development Center? Or that it’s added $16 million in economic impact to the OKC-area in the past three years? At the SBDC, entrepreneurs and business owners can access business coaching, help in starting their businesses, or assistance developing a business plan. Consultants deliver one-on-one counseling, research, and referrals for individuals creating or expanding their business. The part that pushes this one from like to love? It’s totally free.

15. (Bonus!) The Innovation Station

We’re not bashful about using the L-word when it comes to the Innovation Station. Rose State students, as well as downtown Oklahoma City professionals, love how they can pop into our coworking station anytime and catch up on work for a full or partial workday, host a conference, or participate in team-building activities. The space offers several amenities, like an on-site ATM, charging stations, a Shred-It document service, and even a kitchenette.

We know there’s more to love about Rose State, so what’s your take? Chime in on Facebook and let us know what you love!