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At Rose State, small class size means you're a person, not a number.

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"Students at four-year universities don’t realize for the first two years they're going to sit on the bench. At Rose, hands-on learning starts on day one."

— Rose State Faculty Member
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"We have the highest-quality instruction across the board – online, everything."

— Rose State Dean
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"We have fantastic faculty – in fact, we have faculty. Not graduate assistants."

— Rose State Dean

Faculty & Staff

Class Management

Class Syllabus

The College adopted a class syllabus form for all faculty in the fall 2007 semester. It was determined through the Academic Affairs Committee that this is desirable to our students and useful to the faculty. The format has been adopted College-wide but customization for individual course requirements is allowed. The form and form tip sheet are available at the following links:

Class Syllabus (Word Document)
Class Syllabus Tip Sheet (PDF)

Class Attendance/Grades

Be sure that all students attending your class are enrolled. Incorporate some method of documenting student attendance for possible questions during or after the semester. Keep attendance for each class meeting the enter semester. This will assist you in providing documentation for various offices on campus, particularly the Veterans' Affairs Office.

You will need to turn in your grade/attendance records at the end of the semester. These records include dates of attendance, recorded grades, method of computing grades, and explanation for "I" (incomplete grades). In case of a question after the semester ends, keep these records in a form that someone in the division office can interpret.

Grading Policy

Rose State College uses a four-point grading system: A, B, C, D and F. For students who withdraw after the drop/add timeframe, a "W" is assigned. If students have completed the majority of the work required for a productive grade in the class, but encounters an extenuating circumstance, the professor may elect to assign an incomplete (I) grade. If the professor does so, conditions for completion must be documented on the back of the grade form submitted to the division office. Grades are submitted electronically through the PeopleSoft system.

Instructions for Recording AW for "Never Attends"

The last day of the second week of the 1-8, 16-week spring/fall semesters, faculty should record students who have “Never Attended” a class session for each section taught. The same process is used at the end of the first week for the 2-8 spring/fall semesters, and each of the summer semester’s sessions. Even if all students have attended at least one session, the class has to be flagged.

Sections That Do Not Have "Never Attends"
For sections that have no “Never Attends” (i.e. all students have attended), we still must identify that the section has been reviewed. To do so:

  1. Select the Grade Roster icon next to the desired section
  2. Change the Approval Status to READY FOR REVIEW
  3. Click SAVE

Sections That Do Have "Never Attends"
For sections that have “Never Attends” (i.e. at least one student has not attended a class session), we must identify the students who have not attended, and identify that the section has been reviewed. To do so:

  1. Select the Grade Roster Icon next to the desired section
  2. Change the grade to AW for each student that has Never Attended a class session (there is no need to select the check box for Never Attend)
  3. Change the Approval Status to READY FOR REVIEW
  4.  Click SAVE

Guest Speakers

For liability purposes, the division office must be notified about any guest speaker or guest lecturer in your classroom.