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At Rose State, small class size means you're a person, not a number.

Two students watching a 3D printer in the FabLab

"Students at four-year universities don’t realize for the first two years they're going to sit on the bench. At Rose, hands-on learning starts on day one."

— Rose State Faculty Member
Mathematics professor explaining work shown on a chalkboard

"We have the highest-quality instruction across the board – online, everything."

— Rose State Dean
Respiratory students and professor viewing chest xrays

"We have fantastic faculty – in fact, we have faculty. Not graduate assistants."

— Rose State Dean

Faculty & Staff

Faculty Development

Excellence in teaching is essential to student success and the  mission of Rose State College. We make faculty development a priority by investing in our faculty through continuous learning opportunities that will  enhance instructional strategies, expand the use of academic technologies, and enrich instructor-student interactions.  The  premise is that by investing in our faculty, we are investing in the future of  Rose State College and the success of our students.  Faculty are one of the critical influences to  positive student outcomes.   Our training  is available to all full-time and adjunct faculty.

Workshops & Training

Each semester we  offer a variety of workshops and technical training surrounding issues such as  instructional design, student motivation, creating new content, how to use the  academic technology resources we have on campus, etc. Please click the link  below to view and register for upcoming workshops:

Earning & Redeeming CEUs

In appreciation  for participation in our program many of our workshops, as well as a few other  educational endeavors, are eligible to earn CEUs. CEUs are points that can be  accumulated at Rose State College and later redeemed for various awards or  cash. Please the following document to view the list of awards, as well as the  variety of ways CEU’s can be earned, along with other details of the program.  

CEU Guidelines - Updated Fall 2016 (PDF)
CEU Rewards - Updated Spring 2018 (PDF)

Individual Training & Custom Workshops

Do you  need help working on a specific project? Are you working to solve a design problem in an online or on-campus course? Have you been to a workshop and would now like help with implementation? Does your department or division have a  common need for a specific training? If you answered yes to any of the previous  questions, feel free to contact us and set up some one-on-one or small group consulting time. Please send a note using eLearning Helpdesk and let us know what you need. Chuck Louviere (Coordinator,  Academic Technology) or Dana Lindon-Burgett, PhD (Director, Instructional Support) will return your response as quickly as possible.